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Ross Dorough

Director of Development,
Qualifying Broker

"At LBA, my charge is the development of meaningful platforms for growth.  Whether through networking, collaboration with local brokers and/or owners, or unique, custom-made business openings, I seek to identify and present LBA with new hotel and restaurant opportunities.”

“I first learned of LBA through a national hotel ownership group with which I had collaborated over several years of brokering hotel and other commercial properties.  That company regarded LBA as the gold standard in the industry, and routinely sought LBA’s input in evaluating potential property and development possibilities.  Quickly, I learned that the people of LBA possessed the highest integrity and were worthy of trust.”

“Having now been with LBA for a while, it is clear that what makes the culture so great is that our company always looks at the future with character, business acumen, pride and determination.  Its employees are empowered to use those same qualities every day.  LBA has given me the freedom to use my talents, specific skill sets, and professional goals in creative, relationship-building approaches to generate meaningful results from start to finish."

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